The house connected to the service of seniors

The connected home has all the assets to facilitate the home support of the elderly. However, only the youngest seem to see a real interest.

57% of people under 40 are interested in the connected home

For most respondents, connected objects would be of great interest to the elderly, but paradoxically they seem less interested than other younger age groups. Indeed, more than half of those under 40 say they are interested in the connected home compared to only 36% of those aged 65-79. Seniors fear that connected objects are too complex tools to use. Despite everything, 69% of 55-64 year olds are inclined to invest in long range wireless relay home automation to increase their autonomy in the future but also that of their own parents.

Thus, even if they are sometimes seen as gadgets, connected objects can bring real added value to the daily lives of the elderly.


home automation

Home automation to age well at home

Carymart, specialist in accessories for the connected home, has developed many devices to facilitate home support for the elderly. Thus, thanks to the motorization of your sashes, you will be able to close or open the shutters remotely thanks to a remote control or a home automation. You will also be able, thanks to a pre-established scenario, to open or close your shutters automatically from a certain time, for example, thus avoiding you to carry out useless gestures. In the same spirit, you also have the possibility of motorizing your garage door or gate.


For your security, Carymart offers you, for example, a whole range of intercom radio control systems that allow you to see, day and night, thanks to a screen that just rang your doorbell. Another reassuring accessory is the anti-intrusion bracelet connected to the alarm center. So, by simply pressing the red button in the middle, you will trigger the alarm that will warn one of your loved ones that something is wrong.


Another interesting accessory is the motion detector for outdoor lighting, so you can cross your driveway without the risk of falling in the dark. As soon as you pass the detector, the lights come on for a time adjustable between 6 seconds and 5 minutes.


Thus, even if the elderly still seem to be sulking about the connected home, we will have to face the facts: aging well at home will not be possible without these new technologies.



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