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The connected home has all the assets to facilitate the home support of the elderly. However, only the youngest seem to see a real interest.

57% of people under 40 are interested in the connected home

For most respondents, connected objects would be of great interest to the elderly, but paradoxically they seem less interested than other younger age groups. Indeed, more than half of those under 40 say they are interested in the connected home compared to only 36% of those aged 65-79. Seniors fear that connected objects are too complex tools to use. Despite everything, 69% of 55-64 year olds are inclined to invest in long range wireless relay home automation to increase their autonomy in the future but also that of their own parents.

Thus, even if they are sometimes seen as gadgets, connected objects can bring real added value to the daily lives of the elderly.


home automation

Home automation to age well at home

Carymart, specialist in accessories for the connected home, has developed many devices to facilitate home support for the elderly. Thus, thanks to the motorization of your sashes, you will be able to close or open the shutters remotely thanks to a remote control or a home automation. You will also be able, thanks to a pre-established scenario, to open or close your shutters automatically from a certain time, for example, thus avoiding you to carry out useless gestures. In the same spirit, you also have the possibility of motorizing your garage door or gate.


For your security, Carymart offers you, for example, a whole range of intercom radio control systems that allow you to see, day and night, thanks to a screen that just rang your doorbell. Another reassuring accessory is the anti-intrusion bracelet connected to the alarm center. So, by simply pressing the red button in the middle, you will trigger the alarm that will warn one of your loved ones that something is wrong.


Another interesting accessory is the motion detector for outdoor lighting, so you can cross your driveway without the risk of falling in the dark. As soon as you pass the detector, the lights come on for a time adjustable between 6 seconds and 5 minutes.


Thus, even if the elderly still seem to be sulking about the connected home, we will have to face the facts: aging well at home will not be possible without these new technologies.



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Wireless alarms are one of the methods used for building safety. As an advanced form of wired home alarm, it has many advantages and is therefore used more and more. To better understand how it works, we suggest that this article first describes this type of alert and then gives you its advantages.

What is a wireless alert?

A alarm house is responsible for developing electronic long range wireless relay devices that passively monitor and report specific events. As its name implies, it has no wires. In fact, its various components use radio waves to work or communicate. Moreover, this more modern approach is made possible through the development of technology. Let us see how it works.

wireless system

Wireless alarm description and operation

They consist mainly of a central unit, detectors, remote controls, alarms, and telephone transmitters. The center is the brain of the device. It analyzes all the information received from the detector in the form of a waveform. As for the detectors, they are installed at important locations and detect all sudden changes in their status transmitted to the factory. In addition, some wireless alarms may have special detectors to prevent power outages, turn off equipment, flood, etc. But what are the advantages of this device?


Wireless alarm benefits

These types of alerts provide many advantages over wired. In addition to the self-protection rf remote control systems they contain, some wireless alarms have modern features. Even in the event of a power failure, they can be configured over the network because they use spare batteries. Finally, wireless alerts are more cautious and beautiful.


In conclusion

Wireless alarms are safety devices that, compared to wired alarms, are used to warn their owners of possible dangers and provide multiple benefits. However, given the security it provides, it is best to buy a very good wireless alarm expert. (0)

Do you change your shutters? Are you building the house of your dreams? Think of roller shutters to simplify your life! These new models have many advantages, both in terms of design and practicality, not to mention the safety of your home sweet home.

Custom-made for all types of windows

Roller shutter manufacturers compete in creativity and innovation to offer the product best suited to your home. The new technologies guarantee comfort, use and even decoration!


Today, it is easy to find a manufacturer for custom-made long range remote control relay roller shutters. Whatever your interior, you can adapt your shutters to all windows and openings in your home. No need to worry about finding the right size part.

roller shutter remote

Better thermal insulation

Roller shutters also guarantee better thermal insulation. They retain almost all ultraviolet rays and thus protect your interior from yellowing due to sunlight. No more bleached book covers and fabrics!


Anti-burglary devices for greater security

For safety reasons, most new roller shutter models include an anti-intrusion and anti-tearing device. With these new technologies, they meet the requirements of insurance companies, which is an undeniable guarantee of safety. Today’s roller shutters are thus an additional bulwark against burglaries and this is an asset of choice whether you are a private individual or a business.


Finally, the practical side of roller shutters is no longer to prove, especially if you opt for motorized opening. To open or close them, you only have to use the remote control switch supplied with them, no more need to go out every morning and evening to manage your shutters. This saves you time and comfort, of course. (0)

With the increase in the burglary rate, the installation of a video surveillance system has become essential. This is the best way to deter criminals, but also to prevent intrusions. As it is not always easy to find the right system, we invite you to discover in this article 3 good things to know about choosing a home video surveillance system.


remote control system

Choose a system adapted to your needs

Today, there is a wide choice of home video surveillance systems. In order to find the one that meets your expectations, it is recommended to start by identifying all the basic components of the good quality system. Note that a good system has at least one control panel and sensors for doors and windows. But according to your needs and budgets, you can also add other components such as video cameras, etc. Be aware that some models have home automation applications on mobile phones. This allows them to be defined remotely.


Which home video surveillance system to choose: monitored alarm or not?

Here, it’s a matter of choice. It’s up to you whether you want a long range wireless switch system that will be monitored by one person 24/7 for 365 days or not. The monitored system offers the possibility to access a control centre, which will then inform the police or fire brigade even during your absence. It’s a type of paid surveillance. For an unattended system, it is simply the audible alarm that alerts burglars to make them flee. Indeed, he is not able to warn the authorities.


Deciding for installation

Before buying a video surveillance kit, don’t forget to think about installation. There are two types of systems: wired and wireless. With a wireless remote control model, you can install the home video surveillance system yourself without the help of a professional. This type is recommended if you are simply renting the apartment where you live. So if you move, you can easily take it with you. However, if you choose a wired system, you will need a professional to ensure its installation in case you do not feel able to do it alone. (0)


Almost most of the newly constructed houses are currently equipped with electric roller shutters and it is estimated that almost one in three windows has roller shutters. There are several reasons for this infatuation.

rf remote

The advantages of roller shutters

Roller shutters have several advantages regardless of the material with which they are made. With roller shutters, the insulation of the house will be perfect. This reduces the heating bills for your home, especially if they are completely lowered. In addition, roller shutters also guarantee maximum security for homes, as it is more or less impossible to force the roller shutters open from the outside. Indeed, most roller shutters are equipped with anti-spitting rf wireless systems.


Automatic roller shutters: welcome to the era of modernity

People who have previously installed manually opening roller shutters are increasingly tempted to motorize their roller shutters. Electric roller shutters are more practical than manual roller shutters. Motorization offers considerable time savings for households. It only takes a few minutes to close all the roller shutters in the house. In general, two types of control are possible to open and close the roller shutters. Firstly, there is the wired control which is the classic solution: the roller shutter motor is connected by an electric cable hidden in the wall to a sort of switch placed next to the roller shutter. To raise and lower the shutter, simply press the corresponding button. Secondly, we also have the radio control which is even more convenient, because the roller shutter will open thanks to a remote control of roller shutter.

automation system

To better meet the needs of private individuals, companies that manufacture roller shutters currently offer electric roller shutters that are custom-made and easy to install. Indeed, people wonder about the installation of electric roller shutters, especially regarding the wired system that requires an electrical connection. For some time now, a new solution has also been proposed by manufacturers to reduce household energy consumption. These are roller shutters that run on solar energy. The solar energy is collected from a photovoltaic cell placed on the roller shutter remote control box. Automatic roller shutters are certainly more expensive than ordinary roller shutters or swing shutters. However, considering the advantages of a motorized opening, people do not skimp on the means to have a small touch of modernity in their home. With electric roller shutters, comfort is assured. (2)

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