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Almost most of the newly constructed houses are currently equipped with electric roller shutters and it is estimated that almost one in three windows has roller shutters. There are several reasons for this infatuation.

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The advantages of roller shutters

Roller shutters have several advantages regardless of the material with which they are made. With roller shutters, the insulation of the house will be perfect. This reduces the heating bills for your home, especially if they are completely lowered. In addition, roller shutters also guarantee maximum security for homes, as it is more or less impossible to force the roller shutters open from the outside. Indeed, most roller shutters are equipped with anti-spitting rf wireless systems.


Automatic roller shutters: welcome to the era of modernity

People who have previously installed manually opening roller shutters are increasingly tempted to motorize their roller shutters. Electric roller shutters are more practical than manual roller shutters. Motorization offers considerable time savings for households. It only takes a few minutes to close all the roller shutters in the house. In general, two types of control are possible to open and close the roller shutters. Firstly, there is the wired control which is the classic solution: the roller shutter motor is connected by an electric cable hidden in the wall to a sort of switch placed next to the roller shutter. To raise and lower the shutter, simply press the corresponding button. Secondly, we also have the radio control which is even more convenient, because the roller shutter will open thanks to a remote control of roller shutter.

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To better meet the needs of private individuals, companies that manufacture roller shutters currently offer electric roller shutters that are custom-made and easy to install. Indeed, people wonder about the installation of electric roller shutters, especially regarding the wired system that requires an electrical connection. For some time now, a new solution has also been proposed by manufacturers to reduce household energy consumption. These are roller shutters that run on solar energy. The solar energy is collected from a photovoltaic cell placed on the roller shutter remote control box. Automatic roller shutters are certainly more expensive than ordinary roller shutters or swing shutters. However, considering the advantages of a motorized opening, people do not skimp on the means to have a small touch of modernity in their home. With electric roller shutters, comfort is assured. (2)

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