An alarm system can cover several zones according to the needs of the occupants, thus increasing the number of detectors to use. For increased safety, it is essential to delay the device. The main points should remember.


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Around the notion of time delay

The efficiency of an alarm rf remote control system depends on its configuration, and of course on its quality, to avoid unintentional triggering. In this sense, the notion of temporization intervenes. This one makes it possible to configure certain detectors via the central alarm to better secure its residence. Once set, the detectors are considered timed to give occupants time to arm or disarm the alarm when they enter or leave their homes. A distinction is therefore made between the entry and exit delay time.


Input delay: what is it?

A good configuration is always recommended to take advantage of the potential of an alarm system. The entry delay time is one of them. It is usually done on the front door so that it can be opened by the occupants without triggering the alarm immediately. The setting is made on the alarm unit which will wait a few seconds before activating the alarm sirens and the telephone transmitter. It is generally possible to choose between 10 to 30 seconds to disarm the alarm once inside. To do this, you must use either the keyboard – central or remote – to enter a code, or a remote control. This has the advantage of deactivating the alarm from the outside before opening the door.


Exit delay: what is it used for?

Like the entry delay, occupants can use their remote control switch or keypad to disarm their alarm system when they leave home. This is called an exit delay. Once outside, the system must be armed, ensuring that all doors are securely closed. Using the keypad to activate the alarm before exiting, the exit delay allows time to exit and close the door before the system is armed. After activation, the exit delay will trigger the alarm in case of opening. With a remote control, the system can be armed from the outside after the doors have closed. (0)

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