Huawei’s first Smart TVs may arrive in April.

New rumors are coming on Huawei’s Smart TVs that could arrive as early as next April. According to information coming from China, the models the company is planning to launch are two, one with a 55-inch diagonal and one with a 65-inch diagonal. Both screens would be made by the company BOE. This is not the first time that we have speculated about these products and the landing of Huawei in the television sector.

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However, previous rumors claimed that Huawei’s televisions should only have come much later. Honor, in fact, would have brought to the debut the first Smart TVs of the Chinese company. But the latest information is that it is Huawei himself who is bringing Smart TVs to their debut.

These products should be particularly innovative and become a real hub for home entertainment. Huawei Smart TVs should have cameras and even 5G connectivity. They should also have some great software for social networks and video games.

All you have to do is wait and see exactly what’s in the pot. However, Huawei is firmly focused on this sector and wants to quickly become one of the main leaders in it. (0)

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MiWiFi is the first Xiaomi mesh router that will be on the market very soon.

Mesh network systems are finding more and more place in homes to significantly improve the degree of coverage and quality of WiFi in every corner of the home. Xiaomi also aims to enter this sector and has announced the MiWiFi Mesh Router.


MiWiFi was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and consists of two devices that can be placed in different environments of the house and that will allow you to better manage the devices connected to the network.


These routers communicate with each other and with the connected devices using WiFi on 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies and guarantee transfer speeds of up to 2,567 Mbps on the card. MiWiFi also has a Gigabit Ethernet socket to be used in case of need. A little treat, MiWiFi can also communicate with each other using a powerline system.


There is also a convenient application that allows you to manage their configuration with ease. Each MiWiFi can connect up to 248 devices without loss of quality. This is possible thanks to the presence of the powerful dedicated Qualcomm quad-core ARM Dakota processor.


The MiWiFi Mesh Routers are not yet available on the market and will first have to go through a period of beta testing. Once Xiaomi judges that these routers are ready, it will put them on the market at a price that has not been communicated but that should be competitive. (0)


The Consumer Electronics Show or more commonly known as “CES®” is one of the most famous trade fairs in the world of technology. CES® is located in Las Vegas, United States, and generally takes place at the beginning of the year. This year, the 2019 CES will start on 6 January 2019 for journalists and on 8 January for the rest. The 2019 CES will close its doors on January 11, 2019. In this living room, you will find everything and anything! Whether it is 8K televisions, but also connected dressings, everything has been designed to put technology at the centre of the streets full of gambling… What does CES® say about conferences, but what will be the conferences this year? That’s what we’re going to see.

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Nvidia One of the inevitable leaders in the graphics card market, Nvidia, will be present at CES 2019. On this occasion, the brand will hold a conference from the first day, Sunday, January 6, 2019 from 8pm to 10pm (Las Vegas time). With a time difference of 9am, in France, the conference will take place on Monday, January 7 from 5am to 7am. At the end of this conference, we hope for the release of new graphic chips. In a period when the price of new graphics cards is (very) high, one would also expect Nvidia to offer entry-level graphics cards.


Bosch Bosch, a German manufacturer of all kinds of things, will be present for the Show at CES 2019, she will talk about many innovations and products, especially in the automotive sector but also in the connected home! Their conference will be held on Monday, January 7 from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm (French time).



The Japanese group Panasonic is one of the best in the television industry. The company will hold a conference on Monday, January 7, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm (French time). Even if there is little 8K content at the moment, it is very likely that the brand will lift the veil on new 8K TVs or panels. Moreover, it is not impossible that they may subsequently be marketed to the general public.


Royole Remember this manufacturer? If you have followed the news, Royole, a Chinese company, was the first manufacturer to release a foldable smartphone, just before the Samsung conference to give them a little spice! Present at CES 2019, it is very likely that the brand will exhibit its various folding screens. She also makes an appointment for a conference at the same time as Panasonic, a coincidence?


Hisense Hisense is a large Chinese company, still in the list of the largest manufacturers of televisions and household appliances, it will have a conference on Monday, January 7 from 20H to 20H45 (French time). Rumors are that she will introduce her new smartphones, including one with a dual screen. Present throughout CES 2019, we have no doubt that it will also mention its 8K TVs and some products in the connected home.


Qualcoom As the SoC leader in our smartphones, Qualcomm is in great shape right now. After winning the legal battle with Apple, it also crushed a large part of the processor manufacturers and strongly annoyed Intel. Qualcomm will probably talk about his Snapdragon 855 and 8cx again. We could also expect a few sentences on his 5G module, the X50. She is scheduled to meet on Monday, January 7 from 9:00 pm to 9:45 pm (French time).


TCL Thomson, Alcatel, Blackberry… All these brands that you see on a daily basis belong to the large Chinese group, TCL. This one will be present this year at the CES 2019. On the program, we assume that she will introduce some new smartphones and exhibit some of their 8K TVs. We will learn more at their conference on Monday, January 7 from 9:00 pm to 9:45 pm, at the same time as Qualcomm. Chance does things well…


Samsung The world’s leading smartphone manufacturer will of course be present at CES 2019. Just before the start of CES 2019, Samsung introduced new monitors for your offices, the “Space Monitor”. This one has the advantage of saving a lot of space, a problem now solved for some people. From the house connected to the possible future Galaxy F, his conference will take place on Monday, January 7, 2019 from 23H to 23H45 (French time).


Intel 2018 was not Intel’s best year. With the arrival of AMD in 2017 and its Ryzen processors at a lower price, Qualcomm with its Windows 10 compatible ARM processors, Intel must defend itself. Their conference will take place on Tuesday, January 8 from 1:00 am to 1:45 am (French time). We could expect new processors with countless cores. We think it will also mention 5G.



Sony, a Japanese company, is doing well. It certainly no longer has as much success in the smartphone field but has very good products. Within the CES 2019, one or more smartphones could emerge. Rumors are of a Sony Xperia XA3… In the process, other products will also be lost. Conference: 2H to 2H45 in the morning on Tuesday, January 8 (French time).


LG LG also did not have a very good year in the smartphone business. Despite this, she has very good TV sets. Their 8K TVs will inevitably be exposed. We also hope that the brand will mention the audio products it recently announced. This one made a lot of noise during the CES 2018. The LG conference will take place on Tuesday, January 8 from 3:30 am to 4:30 am (French time). The conference will be broadcast live by the brand when the time comes.


Verizon Verizon, one of the American mobile operators, will be present at CES 2019. If the operator is present this year, it is obviously to talk about the future 5G connection and no other things! Verizon’s Keynote will take place on Wednesday, January 9th from 1am to 2am (French time).


AMD One of Intel and Nvidia’s main competitors, AMD, is getting a lot of attention again in 2017 when the Ryzen processors were launched. Powerful processors at a lower price, a major blow for Intel. AMD also sells graphics cards. With the keynote of Friday, January 9th from 6pm to 7pm (French time) at CES 2019, we hope that Lisa Su will raise the web on a renewal of Radeon graphics cards and Ryzen processors.

CES 2019 will open these doors soon, what are your expectations with the annual technology event? (0)

That was fast. As announced in my test of the Xiaomi Yeelight V1, the release of the successor model is imminent. So I was all the more surprised when the postman with a parcel from China arrived at the door today. Inside was the Xiaomi Yeelight 2nd Generation which I tested right away.

yeelight 2

For the time being only available in China

As with Version 1, the new lamp can only be ordered in China for the time being. For this it is always worthwhile to have a look at the promo actions of Gearbest or Banggood. As an alternative you can find regular offers on Mydealz. Currently the prices are, depending on the offer, between 17€ and 22€ incl. shipping costs with which no Einfurumsatzsteuer must be paid. This results only from approx. 27€ commodity value inclusive dispatch from. The import has naturally also its dangers, because on the one hand the dispatch lasts, depending upon selected mode of shipment, between two and four weeks and the European warranty right does not find with direct imports application. Should a defect occur at the Yeelight, one must hope for the goodwill of the dealer.


Open to Philips Hue with 800 lumens

Like its predecessor, the LED lamp and operating instructions are included in the scope of delivery. This manual is bilingual this time and explains the installation process in both Chinese and English. When unpacking, the new, modern design immediately catches your eye. Xiaomi said goodbye to the dreary grey and chose a white, rhombic structure. Otherwise, the shape of the lamp has remained largely unchanged. Size and weight have also hardly changed. At 176 grams, the second generation also remains a heavyweight compared to the competition. The most important point for an LED lamp, however, has been improved enormously, because Xiaomi has increased the luminous intensity by 25% from 600 lumens to 800 lumens. This means that the new generation is now almost on a par with Philips and Osram which deliver 806 and 810 lumens respectively, which means that the Yeelight can also be used as direct lighting.


  • Brand: Yeelight
  • Model: YLDP06YL
  • Luminous flux: 800 Lumen
  • Output: 10 Watt
  • Colour temperature or wavelength: 1700 – 6500K
  • Voltage (V): AC 100-240V
  • Lifetime: 25000 hours
  • Product weight: 176 gram
  • Product height: 12,2 cm
  • Contents of package: 1 x LED light source, 1 x installation manual

Server recently available

To install the Xiaomi Yeelight you need the mobile Yeelight app for Android or IOS which requires an account to use it. After logging in you should first change the server, because since the end of March there is also a server available which reduces the switching times of the Yeelight. Now one is led comfortably by assistant through the installation of the lamps. The name, which one assigns at the end of the again added lamp, serves at the same time as call name for the digital language assistants of Amazon and Google. In addition to color control, scenes, rooms, groups, schedules and timers can also be created in the app. A special gadget is the disco mode which controls the lights based on the music in the background.

Difference to the predecessor directly visible

If you compare both versions directly, the difference becomes visible at first glance because the second generation, with 800 lumens, shines much brighter than its predecessor. I like the blues and greens very much, but the reds are a bit disappointing. Unfortunately, these don’t look as color intensive as you are used to from the Yeelight 1. Here, if possible, firmware updates from the manufacturer are required. The additional lumens, especially in the white area, are noticeable in the power consumption and are slightly higher than the Philips Hue lamps which use Zigbee instead of WLAN for transmission. I find the power consumption in standby disappointing, because here Xiaomi had promised a significant reduction in the new model. The measurements showed a saving of only 0.3 watts to an average of 1.0 watts, which is quite high for a current LED lamp. According to a member of the Yeelight-Forum this is the result of a short-term change of the control chip to be able to install Apple’s Homekit afterwards.

Alexa: Adding simply by voice command

For operation via Amazon’s Alexa, the skill “Yeelight” must be activated and coupled on the web or via app. After successful activation and a new device search, the LED lamp in the Smarthome area of the Alexa app or by voice command can be controlled, grouped or integrated into routines. Yeelight also offers a skill for Google Assistant which can be coupled using the familiar procedure. This makes it possible to control both the first and second generation via Goolge Home and Google Assistant.


The expectations for the Yeelight of the second generation were high and in my opinion are not completely fulfilled at the moment. Xiaomi should definitely work on the high power consumption and the display of the red tones. Despite these two points of criticism, the new generation should be preferred to the old model because the additional luminosity makes a difference. The humming noises, which occurred often with the first model, I could not notice with the Yeelight 2 so far. If, as promised, the Homekit function is added, this is an additional benefit. If you are satisfied with the Yeelight 1, you should wait until the children’s illnesses have been fixed. (1)

Looking for a connected speaker powered by Google Assistant but current solutions do not appeal to you? You may be interested in LG’s ThinQ Speaker.

In advance of CES 2018, which will take place in a few days in Las Vegas, LG has decided to unveil some of the products that will be part of the trip. This is the case with the ThinQ Speaker. Behind this name is a connected speaker powered by Google Assistant.


Lossless audio quality

Of course, LG does not reveal much concrete information before the event, but it will be a top-of-the-range product. Compatible with voice commands with Google Assistant and LG home automation applications and elements (with a “Google OK, talk to LG, turn on the air purifier” for example), the speaker will offer high audio quality and lossless file compatibility thanks to Meridian Audio technology. It now remains to be seen what the precise characteristics of the product are and of course its price.

LG in force on audio at CES 2018

But the ThinQ Speaker will not be the only audio product presented by LG at CES 2018. The manufacturer will also present the SK10Y sound bar. With a power of 550W and capable of managing 5.1.2, it is also Dolby Atmos compatible and can read files in their maximum quality, again thanks to the partnership with Meridian Audio. The same goes for the new portable speakers in the PK range that will be unveiled and are Bluetooth Apt-X HD compatible. Finally, speakers designed to entertain parties with different features (1800W power, DJ features, karaoke modes and lights…) will be there in different forms.


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The Nvidia Shield TV box now adds a new string to its bow with the support of Google Assistant.


After a little false start due to a bug, the excellent multimedia box Nvidia Shield TV recently switched to Android 8 with a welcome interface change. Today, the device is starting to receive support for Google Assistant, the voice assistant already available on many smartphones and connected speakers.

Nvidia Shield TV

An ever more complete Nvidia Shield TV

Of course, as elsewhere this assistant can answer your voice-driven questions and commands after pressing the microphone button on the controller or remote control (for the 2015 model) or after saying the classic “Ok Google” (only with the 2017 version controller if you have enabled the option).

A list of partners dedicated to growth

In addition, home automation (bulbs, thermostats…) or multimedia content management (music, video…) are not forgotten. For example, “Play Stranger Things on Netflix” should work. And even if Netflix is not in the list of compatible products and services: Google Music, Harmony, Nest, Phillips Hue Lights, Spotify, TP-Link or Tune-In.

The deployment of Google Assistant on Nvidia Shield TV is done as usual in waves, so it will probably be worth showing you a little more patience. (2)

The connected home has all the assets to facilitate the home support of the elderly. However, only the youngest seem to see a real interest.

57% of people under 40 are interested in the connected home

For most respondents, connected objects would be of great interest to the elderly, but paradoxically they seem less interested than other younger age groups. Indeed, more than half of those under 40 say they are interested in the connected home compared to only 36% of those aged 65-79. Seniors fear that connected objects are too complex tools to use. Despite everything, 69% of 55-64 year olds are inclined to invest in long range wireless relay home automation to increase their autonomy in the future but also that of their own parents.

Thus, even if they are sometimes seen as gadgets, connected objects can bring real added value to the daily lives of the elderly.


home automation

Home automation to age well at home

Carymart, specialist in accessories for the connected home, has developed many devices to facilitate home support for the elderly. Thus, thanks to the motorization of your sashes, you will be able to close or open the shutters remotely thanks to a remote control or a home automation. You will also be able, thanks to a pre-established scenario, to open or close your shutters automatically from a certain time, for example, thus avoiding you to carry out useless gestures. In the same spirit, you also have the possibility of motorizing your garage door or gate.


For your security, Carymart offers you, for example, a whole range of intercom radio control systems that allow you to see, day and night, thanks to a screen that just rang your doorbell. Another reassuring accessory is the anti-intrusion bracelet connected to the alarm center. So, by simply pressing the red button in the middle, you will trigger the alarm that will warn one of your loved ones that something is wrong.


Another interesting accessory is the motion detector for outdoor lighting, so you can cross your driveway without the risk of falling in the dark. As soon as you pass the detector, the lights come on for a time adjustable between 6 seconds and 5 minutes.


Thus, even if the elderly still seem to be sulking about the connected home, we will have to face the facts: aging well at home will not be possible without these new technologies.



Wireless alarms are one of the methods used for building safety. As an advanced form of wired home alarm, it has many advantages and is therefore used more and more. To better understand how it works, we suggest that this article first describes this type of alert and then gives you its advantages.

What is a wireless alert?

A alarm house is responsible for developing electronic long range wireless relay devices that passively monitor and report specific events. As its name implies, it has no wires. In fact, its various components use radio waves to work or communicate. Moreover, this more modern approach is made possible through the development of technology. Let us see how it works.

wireless system

Wireless alarm description and operation

They consist mainly of a central unit, detectors, remote controls, alarms, and telephone transmitters. The center is the brain of the device. It analyzes all the information received from the detector in the form of a waveform. As for the detectors, they are installed at important locations and detect all sudden changes in their status transmitted to the factory. In addition, some wireless alarms may have special detectors to prevent power outages, turn off equipment, flood, etc. But what are the advantages of this device?


Wireless alarm benefits

These types of alerts provide many advantages over wired. In addition to the self-protection rf remote control systems they contain, some wireless alarms have modern features. Even in the event of a power failure, they can be configured over the network because they use spare batteries. Finally, wireless alerts are more cautious and beautiful.


In conclusion

Wireless alarms are safety devices that, compared to wired alarms, are used to warn their owners of possible dangers and provide multiple benefits. However, given the security it provides, it is best to buy a very good wireless alarm expert. (0)

Do you change your shutters? Are you building the house of your dreams? Think of roller shutters to simplify your life! These new models have many advantages, both in terms of design and practicality, not to mention the safety of your home sweet home.

Custom-made for all types of windows

Roller shutter manufacturers compete in creativity and innovation to offer the product best suited to your home. The new technologies guarantee comfort, use and even decoration!


Today, it is easy to find a manufacturer for custom-made long range remote control relay roller shutters. Whatever your interior, you can adapt your shutters to all windows and openings in your home. No need to worry about finding the right size part.

roller shutter remote

Better thermal insulation

Roller shutters also guarantee better thermal insulation. They retain almost all ultraviolet rays and thus protect your interior from yellowing due to sunlight. No more bleached book covers and fabrics!


Anti-burglary devices for greater security

For safety reasons, most new roller shutter models include an anti-intrusion and anti-tearing device. With these new technologies, they meet the requirements of insurance companies, which is an undeniable guarantee of safety. Today’s roller shutters are thus an additional bulwark against burglaries and this is an asset of choice whether you are a private individual or a business.


Finally, the practical side of roller shutters is no longer to prove, especially if you opt for motorized opening. To open or close them, you only have to use the remote control switch supplied with them, no more need to go out every morning and evening to manage your shutters. This saves you time and comfort, of course. (0)

With the increase in the burglary rate, the installation of a video surveillance system has become essential. This is the best way to deter criminals, but also to prevent intrusions. As it is not always easy to find the right system, we invite you to discover in this article 3 good things to know about choosing a home video surveillance system.


remote control system

Choose a system adapted to your needs

Today, there is a wide choice of home video surveillance systems. In order to find the one that meets your expectations, it is recommended to start by identifying all the basic components of the good quality system. Note that a good system has at least one control panel and sensors for doors and windows. But according to your needs and budgets, you can also add other components such as video cameras, etc. Be aware that some models have home automation applications on mobile phones. This allows them to be defined remotely.


Which home video surveillance system to choose: monitored alarm or not?

Here, it’s a matter of choice. It’s up to you whether you want a long range wireless switch system that will be monitored by one person 24/7 for 365 days or not. The monitored system offers the possibility to access a control centre, which will then inform the police or fire brigade even during your absence. It’s a type of paid surveillance. For an unattended system, it is simply the audible alarm that alerts burglars to make them flee. Indeed, he is not able to warn the authorities.


Deciding for installation

Before buying a video surveillance kit, don’t forget to think about installation. There are two types of systems: wired and wireless. With a wireless remote control model, you can install the home video surveillance system yourself without the help of a professional. This type is recommended if you are simply renting the apartment where you live. So if you move, you can easily take it with you. However, if you choose a wired system, you will need a professional to ensure its installation in case you do not feel able to do it alone. (0)

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